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Had this about a month now. Rugged water-proof exterior, snaps for buttons, hand warmer and 1 inside pocket(s), nice lining, well made shirt jac. Feels great and the money was well spent.
These are a nice size, and I like that so many are included. I wore them for the first time tonight and when I got home, one of the sparkles on one of the earrings had already fallen out. Glad I have extra!
Picked up a couple of these for my trip to Hawaii... they worked great... spent a decent amount of time in the sun... and my shoulders haven't seen the sun in a good long while, so they're very sensitive, but these shirts kept me scorch free... I only gave it four stars due to fit... I didn't want something that would be stuck to my skin (a bit self-conscious about my dad bod), but these were HUGE... so it felt a little sloppy. Otherwise, they did the trick.
Great product and great value. Very well-made and fit as expected.
Nice, comfortable, fit perfectly.
I needed some new low rise socks for a job that lets me ware shorts - these are sporty, comfy, and look work (at least my work) appropriate.
Waist size is as expected, but if you're less than 6' tall, these shorts will be too longeven if you like long shorts.

I was expecting them to be just below knee length but they are several inches lower than this... which is strangely low for me (5' 8"). Durability? These shorts are also very stiffapparently what Dickies are known for. I'm all for sturdy, but these are so stiff and thick that they can stand up on their own!

If you're quite a bit taller than me, a size 31 waist, and want extra stiff/sturdy shorts these should be great :)

I wouldn't buy again.
Good and cheap for an undershirt. I use these mainly for exercise. They are very thin and not very durable.
Im glad to say that my bag arrived on time and In great condition. The bag feels very nice and sturdy of great quality. No scratches, funky smells, missing parts. Just a nice quality purse at a great price. Its quite large, Id say the promo pics are very accurate, so you see is what you get. Ive bought purses from target that cost more and dont feel as nice. The only thing is the bow is just slightly crooked but not enough to really notice but organ than that its pretty solid. Ill definitely be ordering more from this seller.
This bag is adorable and summer chic. Just the right size for phone, small wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss- the essentials. The pom poms make it!
Just started wearing this beautiful ring. Quick delivery, came in a great ring box, rose gold color very good, fits perfectly. So far it's definitely so good!
Love the bag but it broke the first day
its beautiful sturdy and very practical. perfect size
Good shirt for the price point. may get thin over time, but its good for atleast 10-15 washes before getting worn out.
Prefect fix
Good quality, great style but it was much BIGGER than I thought
It is versitile, ive found that I can wear it:
With my head and nose covered (like a ninja),
With just my head covered (like a hood with a neck scarf), or just as a neck warming scarf.
For a woman with thinning hair in the back, this is perfect and these hats are exactly what I wanted. I have thinning hair on top and with these hats, I look great; one of the best purchases I ever made.
Very nice concept. Don't like carrying a wallet and a money clip doesn't hold your credit cards and license that is practical. Would definitely reccomend this product.
I purchased this for my husband because he likes to have more than just a money clip in his front pocket. This wallet has plenty of space for credit/bank cards, paper money and a small area for coins or receipts that is fastened by a snap. The whole wallet has a zipper and the fact that is RFID is what made it a Winner!
I feel like this large is for guys with a inseam smaller than size 32. Have to tie the waist so it won't slip down while squatting so ppl dont see plumber's crack at the gym. I'm 6ft size 32x32.
I was drunk one night and ripped up my favorite pair of pajama pants and was very sad. I went on Amazon and ordered a new pair, I'm incredibly happy now and I think that these are even better than my previous pair. I highly suggest anybody buy these pants.
Simple and beautiful. Sent these to my finacees bridesmaids and maid of honor
Love it
Advertised as 100% cotton, however the tag on the pants stated 99% cotton 1% elastane. I'm very glad I checked, because this could have been VERY dangerous. I was intending to weld in these, and the elastane can cause the fabric to melt to my skin if exposed to sparks or slag. Very upset, as this mistake could have gotten me injured very badly.
Love this bag. Holds more than expected. I needed to lighten my load because of shoulder issues and this met all my expectations.
I have 4 pairs of these now and depending which store I buy them from the fit is slightly different. All in all they fit better than most and look professional on the job site.
How much it holds
Absolutely love this purse. Definitely worth the money
It got to us very quickly and fit perfect