These are amazing! I have trouble finding an effective way to exfoliate my dry, ashy skin. I'd never heard of something like this and decided to try it. I read a few how-tos and made sure to have a good soak before using one. It was so fascinating to see my dead skin coming off like it did. Now, my skin is softer than ever, the keratosis pilaris on my arms is going away, my lotions seem to absorb better, and I have better circulation overall. My skin tone is brighter and more even. I used one cloth very, very gently on my face, and it exfoliated so well that I actually had to buy a foundation 3 shades lighter than I was using at the time. I literally scrubbed my summer tan off. That's pretty dramatic!

I hear people saying these cloths are small, but I can manage to stretch them over my whole hand when they're wet. I have pretty big hands for a woman. I'd say just keep stretching them. I've yet to have one rip.
As expected, thank you!
Delivery was fast!
these are thin and of very low quality - the threading pulls out on the seams very quickly and they constantly shed lint.
Very good
Fit my son perfectly. He loves to lounge around in these.
Omg. Best purse I have ever owned can't wait to get a white one and many other colors
These are my pajama tops and they're really comfortable. Quality is really good as well.
As expected and will order again.
Good down to 40 degrees and rainstorm. Kept me warm and dry for 4 hours in a boat with rain and wind. Truly waterproof rather than just water resistant. Is to be worn over pants of some type.
T-shirts were a perfect fit
The fit, heavyweight and comfort are exactly what I was looking for. I will be getting a few more since I wear them everyday.
I love this piece so much got the earrings to match
Great product!
Nice compact wallet. I used to have a bigger wallet,using this is way easier. Only negative thing I found was notes gets wrinkled faster when placing it in the slot
I love the happy lenses. Really nice on. I'm glad I got them.
My youngest son passed away suddenly in August. Right away I searched for something that would keep him close at all times. I searched for hours and came across this one. Sterling silver to last a lifetime, I hope, a blue heart shaped crystal, and a tiny tube for his ashes. Not too big either. I did purchase a thicker chain, though. The chain that comes with it wasn't strong enough to wear every day 24/7. I love it and am completely satisfied.
The tote far exceed what I thought. Thanks for quality products.
Perfect weight and fit the way I thought it would.
Good quality.
I bought these because I wanted some cotton socks as they are cooler for the warm weather we have been having. These are comfortable and fit well. They are not light weight material but still much cooler than the wool that I am used to. I believe they will wear well.
My son likes these a lot. He finds them to be very comfortable. Would buy again.
Always great
Nice fit.
Great casual run around shirt or just sleep in.
The reviews of this product, in my opinion, miss the mark. I purchased the wallet based on the good reviews. The wallet started to show signs of wear after two days of use (as shown in the picture). I'd look elsewhere if I were you.
My jr high son loves it. Theyre into the brand now. Nice quality.
exactly what i needed/wanted! comes in a convient case. i do recomendéral-Clearance-mariage