Custom Pet Portrait Poster
Custom Pet Portrait Poster
Custom Pet Portrait Poster

paintings of dogs

paintings of dogs

Background Color
Light Blue
Light Red
Light Green
Light Pink

Brighten up any room with our vibrant, thoughtful, customized pet poster. Let's create you a unique piece of wall art that will turn any house in to a home. Perfect for the home, office space or college dorm room. Available in 4 sizes. Frame not included.

Three interesting #PrintyPets pet poster facts:

  • Express your love in a special way

  • A thoughtful item that oozes heart-melting sentimental value
  • A truly perfect gift to any pet owner, college student, or pet parent grieving the loss of a much-loved pet

paintings of dogs

I am pleased with them this is a good deal
Great sunglasses!
What a great price for secure bag. She got it for the security it provides from pickpockets in a trip to Italy. She likes it so well it is now her every day purse. She likes all the storage pockets and it fits accross her. She just fell in love with this purse. A great buy!! UPDATE: We've been back from Italy for over a month and she still uses it almost daily. She really does enjoy it!
Fits well
Works wonderfully. Shrinks about 30%, if you have people with bigger hands that will use these, better to by bigger size.
Good pouch, Made by a great company with great time put in to it although it tends to want to slide around my duty belt a lot all you gotta do is squeeze it and secure it with TWO belt keepers on both sides!
great look disappointed I cant wear them it must be Asian sizing really should have returned them but too much bother.
These socks last a long time. They don't wear thin at the heel or ball of your foot. And they are relatively cheap too. They are thick, but in my opinion not too thick. They dont overheat your feet. I still have plenty but just bought another pack to make sure I dont run out.
It worked for me
This piece of junk doesn't hold anywhere near what it claims to.. I struggled to get cards in and get them out. You get what you pay for and this isn't worth 50m cants and that's generous,
I would add pockets on sides and back
This necklace is beautiful, craftsmanship is great!
They are rugby shorts what more can you say.
Not good enough! There is a stain on it! Disappointed.
Bought these for my husband. They are true to size, and the material is of good quality. I would recommend.
There is nothing [Levis branded] or special about these bandanas. Why this is being marketed as a Levis bandana is a mystery to me. Anyone that has purchased standard bandanas know that you can get them really cheap but normally take a few washes to break in. These are no different. Get the cheapest ones you can buy out there.
Great shirt.
very cheaply made that already ripped
it didn't do anything for me
Great product!! Fit is right on. As a daily head shaver I was looking for a product that would block sweat and allow me to wear a beanie while running or working. I found it with Halo and will be ordering more for the summer. Oh also want to mention it dries fast and has minimal smell.
These are very good quality and are bigger than I thought they would be. I can even fit my Galaxy S5 in the bag.
Dope a** shades, fit great
This is the best bag I ever purchased. It is very light in weight and I could put all my accessories in a very organized way.
I am very picky when it comes to bags and I love it! The bag feels bigger than it actually is. The material is already stretched out so it wasn't difficult fitting things in it. Great to use as a purse, very durable and will last a while. Would definitely buy again And recommend.
Soft and washes well
It's nice, I recommended it!
Very nice, beautiful blue color, well organized inside. Credit card slots are a bit tight but will work out with time.
Looks cheap and zippers stick. Don't think they will hold up.