DO NOT BUY HERE! I ordered a 2 pack of XL. I received one pair of XL and one pair of 2XL in the two pack box. So I basically paid too much for one pair
The seams started coming loose on one of the shirts after being washed just a few times. Had it mayve a month and washed it four times. Pretty cheaply made. You get what you pay for. Time to stop supporting sweat shop slave labor.
I've owned a pair like these but a different color scheme(brown pipe gradient frame) which seemed to fit slightly better which I had attributed to the gradient frame.
After wearing these(black solid frame) I was told they seem slightly large for my face, though I prefer them because they block out more of the sun. Sometimes with the wayfarers, which have a smaller frame; sunlight would tend to creep in past the frame and was slightly bothersome. With these, I have not experienced that type of incident nearly as much.

I enjoy them and they fight comfortably, though if you are weary, obviously try them before at a store before purchasing. Just be aware they can appear to be slightly larger then what is shown here.
I wouldnt buy them again for my husband. He really likes the other brand I bought and wears these as a last resort.
Broke easo
Good style . Good size Pockets . Quality of material even though looks blue , it's not fully jeans material. 8/10
Love these socks, already had them in black so wanted another color.
Make good pajamas
My husband has ordered these three times he loves them so much.
Nice product for the price
This wallet is very well made and looks like it costs a lot more than $25. It holds everything I need and can still close and be compact. I like that the coin compartment is on the outside. This keeps the wallet flat and allows it to close. I may need to be careful that the zipper does not scratch my phone in my purse.
They worked great at first but the plastic clips just don't hold up over time. I will not buy these again. I will buy ones with metal clips.
Good fit and lightweight!
Super comfy fit. Ignore the posts about riding up and sizing issues. If you are use to wearing a low rise boxer brief, these are exactly what you expect! These are my first pair of Calvin Kleins and they are all I will wear now!
Product has uncomfortable fabric. It is just scratchy cotton
Great productallows me to organize my cards, drivers licenses, and IDs in a way from seldom to frequently usedgreat for organization and it keeps items from routinely falling out of it
I like it. I dont really like the fact its separate zippers. I can get use to it, but its a bit different.
The fit
Great basic t-shirt if you plan to only wear under another shirt. My son likes basic tees and so I thought this was a bargain for the six tees. The fit is great and length is good too, only down side is the material is very thin and looks like it will be see thru.
Great socks!!
It's a great product. Well built. Material is awesome. The only complain I have is that the outside slot card doesn't work unless I remove card out of it.
Great quality, great color, and holds all of my cards which I desperately needed. In love highly reccommend
Color as advertised and they are good looking too. Work great and the price was quite reasonable.
If size is too small, hat will look ridiculous. All my hats are size Large. This one ran too small.
Excellent gift
Looks great. Feels great. However the pockets on the side cant hold much or it will fall out of jacket pocket.