create your cell phone case

My self and my friend. Its comfy and adjustable.
I got it for my niece, whom is very difficult to buy for. Her 15th birthday is coming up and this just ended up being perfect. Best part... it already comes in a gift box! How cool to not have to find one that fits. And it comes with a blank card inside. Even more awesome. I did not take the necklace out because I do not want to mess it up or tangle the chain (or worse, my 2 year old to get a hold of it) but the chain looks like my niece can wear it comfortably and it will not be tight. Can't wait to give it to her!
Great for traveling, takes up very little space.
Exactly as is says, great build, easy to access all of the slots and sections- and VEGAN. If you don't want to carry a dead animal in your pocket, THIS is a great choice for you!
Soft and comfortable
Meets my needs
So many different ways to wear it breathable.
Not a quality product for the price you pay. Would not recommend to buy this at all . And it should be a no star rating
I like the product for the price and style but after a couple months from buying its broken on me more than five times with the metal chain and the part were the strap hooks to the purse itself but other than those flaws and after fixing its a pretty cute purse.
great color matches kenneth cole punch it shoes
Nice quality product. Arrived as promised in box with cloth case and mini-screwdriver on keychain for repairs.
Great material. It kept me warm out on the boat in 10 degree weather. Highly recommend this product.
i am thinking about getting more!
Nice satin lined sleep cap. Stays in place protecting hair and edges.
Great fit! Extremely comfortable to wear. Its the only underwear I buy!
Very pleased with this product.
Love it
too light
They shrink tremendously in the wash and dry, but stretch back out. Slides off heel a bit now that they shrank...
Stoner glasses!
Not at all worth the money & not stainless steel. My grandson wore this watch 2 days & on the 2nd day it got wet in the rain while he wore it... and it stopped working. The next morning I took it apart to see if it was the battery & when I took the back off, it had already rusted. JUNK!! Do not waste your money!
Very comfy
I got these mainly because they fit me perfectly, and the polarization is very effective for driving. They don't beat the higher priced brands, but they're far better than cheap brands. They're very well made, and I expect that they'll last a very long time. They're warranty does not cover accidental damage or scratches on the lens, but for the price of a pair that covers those things, you can buy two pair of these.
Wonderful addition to my jewelry collection - One downside, these do not come with a backing to keep the earrings from coming off. Lost one! So my suggestion is make the purchase just buy or use from another pair of earrings a backing so you don't loose them.
great, very happy with purchsed
Seems like a great wallet
these are the ones you bring with on vacation and if they get lost or ruined you don't really care
It was smaller than I expected but great quality
Good price for a quality product.
Wow this bag is really good quality and for a fraction of the cult Gaia bag. Would def recommend!
Good quality for price.